Computer Science Guess Paper 2nd Year Punjab Board

Computer Science Guess Paper ICS Part 2 Punjab Board.

Computer Science Guess Paper 2nd Year Punjab Board

Short Questions.

1. What are different types of database models? explain with the help of diagrams?
2.Discuss advantages and disadvantages of a database system?
3.What are a field , record and file? Also explain that how data is handled in a file management system?
4. What are views? Also discuss their uses?
5.Define the term user ? Explain the role of data and database administration?
6. What are indexes ? What is their usage in FMS & DBMS?
7. What are different steps involved in analysis stage while designing a database?
8.Explain the database design process with the help of an example?
9. What are the components of conceptual/logical database diagram?
10.Discuss the components of a physical database design?
11. Define Normalization and different steps involved in it?
12.Explain The procedure for creating a new database in MS-Access?
13.Define the terms Synonyms, homonyms, Redundant information and mutually exclusive data?
14. What is MS-Acess IDE? Explain different views of a table in MS-Access?
15.How tables ate created in design view? Write stepwise procedure ? Also explain the different data type available in MS-Access
16. What is primary key? How it is marked?
17. What are relationship and join? Also Discuss referential Integrity?
18.How to create a Query using design view?
19. Write down the procedure of creating from using wizard?
20. How to add lost and combo boxes on a form?
21.what is report? Discuss its different types and their uses?
22.What is the basic structure of a C program?
23. Explain the debugging features of turbo C++?
24. What are programming errors? Discuss its different types?
25.What is a variable? Also write down the rules for a naming a variable?
26. What is constant? Discuss its different Types?
27. Discuss different Numeric Data types used in C ?
28. discuss different floating point used in C language?
29. What are logical expression? Discuss its different operators?
30. What is increment and decrement operators? Explain with the help of examples?
31. What is an output statement ? Explain the printf () function of C language?
32. What are getch() and getch() functions?
33. What are conditional or ternary Operators? Explain with the help of examples?
34. What is a switch statement? Explain with the help of Examples?
35. What is do-while loop? Explain with the help of example and flowchart?
36. What is goto statement? Explain with the help of example?
37. What is an array? Explain with the help of example?
38. What are local and global variables?
39. How to open and close a file using C language? Also discuss its different file opening modes?
40.How to read from and write the character to a file using C language?
41.What is fgets() function? Explain with the help of an example?
42.How to read from and write to formatted data in a file using C language?
43. Show the output displayed by the prorgram when the data entered 10 and 15?
44. write a program that converts Fahernheit temprature to Celsius?
45. Swapping the values of two variables?
47. Calculate are and perimeter of a triangle (Input three sides)?
48. Rewrite the program of vowels given in example using if statement?
49.Perform arithmatic operations using if-else-if?
50. Perform arithmetic operations using switch?

51. Get a number from the user and find its square, cube or square root on user choice switch statement?
52. Print and find the sum of 10 numbers which are multiples of 5 (5+10+15+…) using for loop?
53. Print the table of any number using for loop?
54. Print the table of any number using while loop?
55. Print the table of any number using do-while loop?
56. Print the factorial of a number using do-while loop?
57. Input and output of an array using scanf()?
58. Input array element and calculate sum?
59. Write a program that gets two points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2), Displays the distance between them using distance formula in a function?
60. Perform using arithmetic operation using functions?
61. Program of Factorial using Function?
62. Calculate GCD of two Numbers through functions?
63. Write a program that merges the contents of two text files?
64. write a program that counts the total number of characters in a file?
65. Write a program that counts the total number of words in a file?

Long Questions.

Ch 1
data processing activities involved data processing? Database model.diff types database model
ch 2
key?diff types key use database. data stored retrieved file management system.
Ch 3 
data modeling?ingredients of data modeling?
ER diagram.
Ch 4
data integrity?types data integrity?.normalization
ch 5
RDBMS.databse object?use store retrieves data.
Ch 6
primary key.procedure applying primary key ms access.query?use & advantage diff types queries
ch 7
form?use and advantage.
Ch 8
two categories program & programming language..basic structure of c program
ch 9
identifier? Two type identifier c?constant?explain diff type constants.
Ch 10
work printf function.scanf function.getche function.gets function.clrscr function.
Ch 11
“if” statement or statement with one alternative?
Ch 12
do while loop. for loop nested loop, it’s working all program loop.